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JANUARY 14TH Receives Multiple Wins & Nominations at the International Black & Diversity Film Fest

(Toronto, Canada) - June 26, 2021 - January 14th received multiple awards and nominations at the International Black & Diversity Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, held virtually on June 26, 2021. La'Chris Jordan won for Best International Film - Short Drama I Action and was nominated for Best International Film by a Female Filmmaker. Honors were also garnered for actors Jasmine Runnels (nominated for Best Actress - International) and Tabitha Mitchell (Best Supporting Actress - International.)

The International Black & Diversity Film Festival – IBDFF is an independent film festival and part of the Black Actors & Film Guild Canada registered as a Canadian not-for-profit association established to give a platform to Black Actors, Writers, Artists, and Filmmakers while celebrating cultural diversity through inclusion, bringing independent films and filmmakers from around the globe to showcase their work in Toronto, Canada every year.

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